About Us


Tutu Chic Classics (with a twist)

Over the years, our TUTU CHIC collections have consistently offered a diverse range of existing classics. For instance, the LOVE sweater, known for its soft  cozy comfort and featuring a handmade knitted heart, stands as one such example. Additionally, we introduce fresh interpretations of our classic TWIGGY sweater, adorned with our typical heart-shaped elbow patches. Alongside sweaters, the timeless classic t-shirt retains its place, available in varying colours or embellished with our latest quotes.

Tutu Chic is known for its colorful and unique photoprints. These prints are designed in-house to represent the theme and story of each collection. The fabrics used for printing include pure silk, cotton, and neoprene, and the prints are produced in Italy.

Signature Pieces

TUTU CHIC is a unique brand, ranging from special occasion dresses to more basic pieces, but always with a poppy twist. Our collection would not be complete without our signature hand-knitted cardigans and vests. Wear them with a simple pair of jeans for an elegant casual look or make your outfit more catchy in combination with another statement piece. Every cardigan is 100% unique and handmade especially for you in Belgium.


Starting with the Fall/Winter collection of 2017-2018, Tutu Chic introduced its shoe collection. The shoes are designed to complement the overall brand aesthetic by using the same materials while maintaining a timeless elegance.


Tutu Chic introduces new and trendy accessories regularly. This includes items like small bags, phone covers, and toiletry bags, jewellery, providing customers with the latest and coolest accessory options.