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About Us


Tutu Chic Classics (with a twist)

Throughout the years of our brand, every single TUTU CHIC collection will bring a variety of the existing classics. The LOVE sweater, a combination of the soft comfortable sweater and handmade knitted heart, is one example. On the other hand, we bring every collection a new style of our classic TWIGGY sweater, with the elbow patches heart-shaped. Next to sweaters, the classic t-shirt is a keeper as well. Every collection in a different color or printed with the newest quote.

A playful mix of colors and unique photoprints is where TUTU CHIC is based on. Our own homemade prints bring the new theme and story of the collection. All unique, funny and storytelling. Printed in Italy on the most distinguished fabrics, like pure silk, cotton and neoprene.


Signature Pieces
TUTU CHIC is a unique brand, ranging from special occasion dresses to more basic pieces, but always with a poppy twist. Our collection would not be complete without our signature hand knitted cardigans and vests. Wear them with a simple pair of jeans for an elegant casual look or make your outfit more catchy in combination with another statement piece. Every cardigan is 100% unique and handmade especially for you in Belgium.


You can dress yourself head to toe in TUTU CHIC, because since the Fall/Winter collection of 2017-2018 we have launched our very first shoe collection. They fit right into the collection because of the use of the same materials, but still possess a timeless elegance.


TUTU CHIC brings every collection a surprise of the newest and coolest accessories. From little bags, phone covers, toilet bags, …